About us

At GAFT – Green Air Fuel Technology – we are implementing solutions to produce sustainable aviation fuel out of CO2 without using fossil fuels or food crops.

We are using patented, innovative technology to transform carbon dioxide and water via renewable energy into an energy-rich liquid. This liquid is then fermented to valuable products such as fatty acids – the main feedstock to produce carbon-negative aviation fuel.

We are based in the Netherlands and our team combines in depth energy market expertise with world-class chemical, biotech, engineering, technology development and scaling expertise.

We have partnerships with leading industries and have been awarded several Dutch and European grants. Additionally, GAFT is backed by the European Innovation Council (EIC). We are currently raising a Series A round.

Meet our team


Frank Schreurs

  • Business development and oil market expert
  • 20+ years experience in midstream oil markets
  • Deep understanding of commodity pricing and margin risks
  • M&A energy expert

Robert de Kler

Head of Processes and Innovation
  • Technology development expert with 20+ years of experience in CO2, Energy and Renewable Markets
  • Former CTO of Vattenfall Benelux
  • Senior Research Scientist at TNO
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Energy Systems

David Griston

General Counsel
  • 30+ years experience in energy markets globally
  • Deep understanding of structuring M&A and finance deals
  • Project development in renewables, conventional thermal, hydro and nuclear, and energy technology start-ups and joint ventures

Ronald Maas

  • Technology development specialist with 20+ years of experience in bioprocess design (laboratory and pilot plant)
  • Expert in the microbial conversion of feedstocks to bulk chemicals and biofuels
  • Degree in Microbiology and PhD in Bioprocess Engineering

Marien de Jonge

  • 20+ years of experience in R&D both in academic and commercial settings
  •  Project and people manager with breadth of experience in molecular microbiology and biochemistry
  • PhD in Molecular Microbiology and Biochemistry



GAFT is supported by a growing number of partners




Prizes & Awards


New Energy Challenge

2021 finalist



2021 finalist


Hangar 51

2021 finalist